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September SAIL Brown Bag Luncheon
Karen RiceApproximately 40 SAIL members attended the September Brown Bag luncheon at the Trinity Church Fellowship Hall on Friday, September 16th. The guest speaker for the luncheon was Karen Rice, the Shepherd University Director of the Lifelong Learning Program. She gave an enjoyable and informative presentation about a recent Shepherd sponsored trip to Cuba.
In addition to Karen's presentation, attendees enjoyed piano entertainment by member Bob Gerstmyer. Betty Snyder and Ted Walton led a brief sing-along. It was a festive event and enjoyed by all.

August SAIL Brown Bag Luncheon
 Betty Snyder - Story Teller
Guest Storyteller and SAIL member Betty Snyder presented an outstanding tale about her youth - living with her Granny. In painting a "word picture" of her Granny, Betty took attendees back in time when she (Betty) was a "questioning" young girl learning at her granny's knee! Betty was then living in the Keyser area of WV - and now, in her adult years ,she is able to look back with fond memories and recollections of those early years! She spoke candidly about her youth - with particular detailed memories of going with her Granny to the "tented revival meetings". Attendees came away from the luncheon "singing praises" about Betty's storytelling prowess!!!
As a special added attraction prior to Betty's presentation, member Bob Gerstmyer played a number of favorite piano arrangements of the songs popular in the 1950's through the 1960's. It almost turned into a sing-along!!!!

SAIL's Creation
SAIL's creation is rooted in the "village movement," a neighbor helping neighbor system developed around the country by seniors who are assisted by other members of their community. SAIL provides members with help going to and from the grocery store and appointments, with simple home repairs, with access to reliable service providers, with organized outings to cultural events, and fun activities such as walking groups, board game and card groups, and more.
SAIL membership is open to anyone interested in its services who lives in the 876 and 870 telephone exchanges.
 “Keeping the wind in our sails!”
SAIL Participates in Annual Community Club Labor Day Picnic
Sail Members Chowing Down
Approximately 20 SAIL members attended the Annual Labor Day Picnic at Morgan Grove Park from 2-5 PM, on Monday, September 5th. It was an event sponsored by the Shepherdstown Community Club. It was a very successful outing featuring excellent weather, excellent food, community fellowship, and the special band concert featuring the Rohrersville Band.
This marked the 25th straight year the band participated in this Shepherdstown holiday event. The band has been active since 1887! Their lively hour long concert ended with the playing of "The Stars & Stripes Forever"! A great time was had by all!

Some Words to the Wise on SCAMS
Seniors lose millions of dollars each year to heartless fraudsters. Here are some tips to be sure that YOU don’t fall victim to Senior SCAMS:
1. Never give your bank account or Social Security number to someone you do not know, even if they appear to be from a legitimate institution, like the IRS.
2. Do not respond to a message on your computer that says your virus protection has been compromised.
3. Don’t send money to anyone who says they are in a hospital in a foreign country and need your help. Frequently, they report that they have had their passport and wallet stolen – and need money to get back home.
4. Don’t respond to a notification that you have won a sweepstakes or an all- expense paid travel vacation.
5. If someone who sounds like your grandchild calls to say they are in trouble, immediately call their cell phone or call their parents to make sure that the situation is factual.
6. The IRS never communicates by phone or email. They only communicate via US Mail.
7. New Medicare Cards do not have Social Security numbers, but people are calling to “confirm” your number – in an attempt to learn your number.
8. Beware of vendors going door-to-door recommending repairs to your roof, chimney, or driveway.
For more information, you may contact the Elder Abuse Hotline at 1-800 677-1116.