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Annual Fall Picnic
Fun at Fall Picnic  

SAIL celebrated its annual Fall Picnic on Sunday, September 27th, on the front lawn of Elinor and Sherman Ross' lovely home on Shepherd Grade Road.  It was a perfect setting to greet old friends and meet new ones.  More than 40 members and guests enjoyed a delicious pot-luck super.   The weather cooperated and a good time was had by all. 


Ted Walton and Martha Young received "kudos" for planning and carrying out the festive event!  And of

course, we all extend a special to thanks to Elinor and Sherman for hosting the picnic.


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Items of Interests
         by Vanessa McGuire, Shepherdstown Chronicle staff
Due to advances in medicine, science and technology, people are living significantly longer lives.  In fact, according Administration on Aging, seniors are the fastest-growing population in the world.
by Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY
Although some people want to move to a warmer climate or exotic locale in retirement, for most folks, their current home is where their heart is.
Watch the eagles that live at the National Conservation Training Center located just outside Shepherdstown as they feed and tend to their new eaglets.
This web site is built with seniors in mind. It contains health and wellness information for older adults and is hosted by the National Institutes of Health.
The Medical Press web site features an article showing that training the elderly in social media improves well-being and combats isolation.
When Accidents Happen
 Linda, Val and Carolyn
Twenty-three SAILERs - 16 volunteers and 7 members – met to learn tips to be better prepared for the unexpected. Linda Eccard, R.N. and Val Moreno, R.N. from Panhandle Home Health presented information about what to do in case of accidents or health emergencies. We learned the signs of stroke and heart attack, best ways to staunch bleeding (PIE- Pressure, Ice and Elevation), how to stop a nose bleed, what to do if a member feels faint or falls and other helpful responses. Our presenters emphasized the importance of wearing gloves when coming into contact with another’s bodily fluids.
Takeways included the importance of protecting ourselves as well as the member, remaining as calm as possible and that we should not be heroes: call 911 in case of emergency, Keep the SAIL office informed, and follow the Crisis Plan we carry with our name badges.
A spirited discussion followed as we explored how SAIL should implement what we learned – whether our volunteer handbook needs to be amended, best ways to ensure that necessary supplies (gloves, gauze, etc.) are on hand, best ways to remind members about the importance of posting medications and allergies on their refrigerators.
The Care of Members Committee will examine these issues and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. If you have comments about these matters, please contact Carolyn Rodis,

A perfect evening at Wolf Trap
 Wolf Trap

Good food and good music made for a fun evening when fourteen SAIL members, volunteers, and friends traveled to Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Northern Virginia to hear the National Symphony Orchestra.


The NSO, under the direction of conductor Emil de Cou, performed entrancing and exhilarating music by the most Oscar-nominated man alive, John Williams. From a galaxy far, far away to the edge of Neverland, the audience was transported on a epic journey.


Special THANKS to Activity Chairman Ted Walton for planning and coordinating the outing and to Martha Young who assisted Ted in planning the picnic arrangements at Wolf Trap.