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SAIL's Creation
SAIL's creation is rooted in the "village movement," a neighbor helping neighbor system developed around the country by seniors who are assisted by other members of their community. SAIL provides members with help going to and from the grocery store and appointments, with simple home repairs, with access to reliable service providers, with organized outings to cultural events, and fun activities such as walking groups, board game and card groups, and more.
SAIL membership is open to anyone interested in its services who lives in the 876 and 870 telephone exchanges.
 “Keeping the wind in our sails!”

Interesting Articles
Heart Attack and Water - I never knew all of this ! Interesting.......
An offshoot of the sharing economy, virtual villages are popping up all over the country to offer older adults access to resources and social connections that help them age in place.

SAIL Experiences
We keep getting favorable comments from members about their experiences as SAIL members.  Here is a sample:
Marian Buckner
Marian BucknerWhat a great opportunity to write a well-deserved testimonial for SAIL.  SAIL membership contributes greatly to my feeling of being well-supported as, at age 85, I continue to enjoy living in my Shepherdstown home among good friends and neighbors.  (more ...) 
Wendy Moseley
Wendy MosleyI moved to Shepherdstown from Allentown, PA, at the end of 2006, after my husband died, to live next door to my younger daughter and her family. I had heard about the Beacon Hill project many years ago so was immediately eager to find out more about SAIL when it was first announced. (more ...)
Elinor Ross 
Elinor RossSherman and I are some of the first people to join SAIL. We are almost 86 and 89 years old, and hope to remain in our home on 10 acres here in Shepherdstown. SAIL is sort of a security blanket for us. (more ...)
Melinda Landolt 
Melinda LandoltHi! My name is Melinda Landolt. I became interested in the Village concept several years ago when I heard that an Aging in Place group might be forming in Shepherdstown. When I was invited to join this group, I was happy to add my voice to the effort. (more ...)

SAIL Art Exhibit
SAIL held its first Annual Art Exhibit at the Entler Hotel in Shepherdstown. This occurred in conjunction with the Town Yard Sale, in which SAIL also participated. Earlier this year member Jim Stovall had proposed to the SAIL Board that a free public exhibit be held to showcase the artwork of our many talented members and to raise community awareness of SAIL. The project quickly became a team effort, supported by SAIL members and volunteers.
Diana Eldridge in front of her paintingsMembers showing their work at the Exhibit were Marian Buckner, Diana Eldridge, Wendy Moseley, Diane Steece and Jack Young. Former SAIL members who exhibited were Kris MacNichols, Tom Miller and Susie Spencer.
As a complement to the event SAIL began in May selling raffle tickets for a quilt made and donated by member Wendy Moseley and a painting donated by SAIL Vice President Jack Young and Martha. Tickets were sold on Sunday mornings during the Farmers’ Market with the help of Ted Walton, Jack and Martha Young, Suzie Patrick, Jean Neely, Marellen Aherne, Wendy Moseley, Dan VanBelleghem and Linda O’Brien. On the Day of the Exhibit, Sherry Adams and Mary Bell greeted people as they entered the Entler, provided information about SAIL and sold additional raffle Wendy Moseley with Ukrainina Style Eggstickets. The drawing was held at the Entler, as the day drew to a close. More than sufficient funds were generated by the raffle to offset SAIL’s expenses for the Exhibit.
Our first annual Art Exhibit was well-received by the community, thanks to the impressive art, refreshments, camaraderie, wonderful weather and the popular raffle. Many thanks to our artists, donors, volunteers and all who worked hard to make the event a success!

SAIL Takes Flight
SAIL Members at Air and Space Mesuem
Members of Shepherdstown Area Independent Living (SAIL) braved an early morning snow squall to drive down to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport. Located in a large hangar with elevated as well as ground level walkways, the Museum displays aircraft from before 1920 to the Space Shuttle Discovery.
World War I and II planes, including Japanese and German aircraft, shared the space with helicopters, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay, an Air France Concorde and many others that have flown over the years. The Discovery was awe-inspiring, wearing its reentry grime as a badge of honor.
The SAIL group also enjoyed several IMAX films including “Hubble,” which showed the Hubble launch, video taken by astronauts who rode the shuttle up to repair it and extend its life, and stars and galaxies brought close by its amazing lenses and cameras.
Heading home before rush hour, the members of the SAIL group were delighted with the excursion and would recommend the trip to anyone interested in the history of flight.

CLASS 2014

A group of our members attended a SAIL sponsored AARP Safe Driving Course. It was planned by Board Member - Hal Snyder.  A total of 10 members attended the class.  The course was outstanding and well received by all in attendance.  

It cost $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members.  A phone call to USAA Insurance revealed they offer $35 for three years for taking the course - such a deal !!!