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                            4th of July Parade

Seven dedicated SAIL members braved the scorching heat to participate in the Shepherdstown annual 4th of July parade. The parade boasted a huge turnout of participants and onlookers. It was a gala event - enjoyed by all!

SAIL 4th of July Paraders

SAIL Marchers (l to r)
Edwinna Bernat, Jane Tuckerman, Catherine Irwin, Diana Eldridge, Ted Walton, and Melinda Landolt. Also present but not pictured- Martha Young.

                              Volunteer Training
                          June 2018

2018 June Volunteer Training Attendees

Approximately 20 SAIL Members / Volunteers took part in the special training session conducted Wednesday afternoon, June 20th, at the St. Agnes Training Facility. SAIL President Carolyn Rodis facilitated the session which addressed the subject of the importance of “Active Listening”. General information about effective and active communications was presented. Following the general information presentation, attendees participated in lively roll playing scenarios. The training session was extremely well received by attendees.
Ted Walton, Linda O’Brien, and Martha Young coordinated refreshment arrangements.
Special thank you to Carolyn for the quality and valuable training provided to all in attendance!

Pot Luck Dinner
June 22, 2018

June Potluck Attendees

SAIL Quarterly Pot Luck Dinner - A Salad Bonanza - was held on Friday , June 22nd, at the Fellowship Hall of Trinity Episcopal Church.
Thirty SAIL members and friends attended the festive and highly successful event. The food - a wide variety of salads and desserts - was delicious!!
Following the meal, Jack Young challenged attendees to “put on their thinking caps” and participate in a challenging “Trivia Contest”. The lively competition was enjoyed by all - as five (5) Table Teams scrambled to answer the sixty “brain teasing questions”.
All in all it was an enjoyable and “mind challenging” evening! Attendees expressed their appreciation to Martha Young and her Party Committee for another successful and delicious culinary event!

June Potluck Cake

Lunch Bunch July Outing
July 10, 2018

Marty, John, Jack, and Melinda

On Tuesday, July 10th, Luncheon Coordinator John Burns arranged for 10 SAIL members to gather at the Blue Moon Restaurant in Shepherdstown. The weather cooperated and the group was able to enjoy a delicious meal in the “outside seating area”. It proved to be a very enjoyable luncheon. Another Luncheon is scheduled for August at a restaurant in Middletown, MD!

Ted, Diane S, Diane and Paul K

Diane and Paul Kradel
Helen and John

Sail's Creation

SAIL's creation is rooted in the "Village Movement", a neighbor helping neighbor system developed around the country by seniors who are assisted by other members of their community.  SAIL provides members with help going to and from the grocery store and appointments, with simple home repairs, with access to reliable service providers, with organized outings to cultural events, and fun activities such as walking groups, board game and card groups, and more.  SAIL membership is open to anyone interested in its services who lives in the 876 and 870 telephone exchanges.

 “Keeping the wind in our sails!”

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Shepherdstown Area Independent Living
PO Box 2091
Shepherdstown, WV 25443