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Member Benefits

Volunteer Services

Below is an example list of services that may be provided by our volunteers.  Our volunteers do not provide medical or personal care services:

  • Transportation to medical appointments.
  • Grocery shopping or transportation to the store.
  • Minor home repairs.
  • Pet care.
  • Snow removal.
  • Yard work.
  • Computer assists.
  • Reassurance calls.
  • Friendly visitors.
  • Light housework.

Fee-for-service Services

For those services SAIL volunteers are not equipped to handle (or for which we have insufficient numbers of volunteers to provide the service), we will refer you to one of our vetted fee-for-service providers, many of whom may provide our members a discount for the services they provide.  The following is a representative listing of the service categories: 

  • Adaptive home and personal care products to aid independence.
  • Appliance repairs.
  • Caterers
  • Emergency call service.
  • Exterior cleaning, such as windows.           
  • Exterminators.
  • Home delivered meals.
  • Home health care.
  • Interior cleaning, such as carpets.
  • Masonry.
  • Painting.
  • Plumbing and electrical repairs.
  • Landscaping/yard work.

Activity, Social, and Quality of Life Benefits

We are exploring a wide range of offerings: social, wellness, and educational activities, as well as regular member meetings and social gatherings.

  • Daytime bus trips/tours of museums, theaters, and galleries.
  • Participation in the new “adult lifelong learning program” soon to be  implemented at Shepherd University.
  • Group or individual attendance at Shepherd University music or theater events.
  • Book club type social sessions.
  • Health and wellness sessions (i.e. tai chi, yoga, walking groups, etc.).
  • Attendance at periodic lecture series scheduled/conducted by local civic organizations and community leaders.
  • Computer technology informational instruction sessions.
  • Special group ice cream social trips to Nutter’s, in Sharpsburg.
  • Attendance at NCTC functions/presentations.
  • Tax and investment seminars provided by our strategic partners.

Note: Some of these activities will have additional individual related fees such as ticket costs, tuition or shared transportation.